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n," said Bearie, who lay full length on his blanket with his chin resting on his hands. "Never go to see what you have shot without first reloading your gun. The animal may not be badly wounded, and may run away or may attack you." "If you happen to get sight of a buck, a doe and a fawn together, for they generally keep together at this time of the year," s

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    by moose. One evening they had all returned to the camp save Colonel Durnford and Christie. Overcome by their exertio

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    ns, the remainder of the party, with the exception of the Chief, had retired early and slept heavily. A low moaning wi

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    nd had arisen and was sobbing round the camp. "What was that?" said the Chief, rousing Bearie, who was on his feet in

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    a moment. "It sounded like a shriek, followed by a strange laugh, like the laugh of a maniac. Colonel Durnford and Ch

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    ristie have not returned yet, and I fear something has happened." They listened intently. Nothing could be heard but

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    the wind whistling through the half-naked branches of the trees and rustling the dead leaves that covered the ground.

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The moon fell in slanting rays across the Laurentian hills. Dark clouds were hurrying up from the horizon, and soon th

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